Monday, February 4, 2008


I had a dream, I dreamt we had a holiday....I’m sure now that it was just a dream *sigh*

Since we started back at work on the 14th we’ve been totally snowed under because so much work has rushed in the door. Although it’s nice to be ‘wanted’ it is also overwhelming to receive so much work at one time.

Customers using new technology continue to misunderstand their products, or have accidents or just don’t understand how to use the bloody thing.

Snippets of reasons why their said object no longer works....”my cat peed into the keyboard, twice, she’s never done it before!’....bad cat.....smelly keyboard.....’I put it on the front seat of the car, then I had to brake suddenly and it hit the dash and all the knobs are smashed off’....duh....’I let my brother use them and now they don’t work’.....and on and on and’s been a continuous stream and frankly I’m sick of it :-o

Time to post something onto my lonely unattended blog and to catch up on all the blogs I love to read!!

I know I have neglected my blog, something I promised myself I wouldn’t do way back in the I’ve rattled around and managed to find just one good thing that caught my eye. I’ve read it a couple of times now, it’s a long read, 8 pages, well worth it. A really thought provoking article in the NYTimes by Steven Pinker (the Johnstone Family Professor of Psychology at Harvard University) called “The Moral Instinct”and its about the science of morals.

Just one other thing....
This really made me laugh...vending machine for marijuana...medical reasons only...prescription required....up to one ounce a week....never thought I’d see the day....:-D

Work things will start settling down a bit soon (well here's hoping) and the feeling that I have a life beyond work may eventually start to seep back into my brain :-D


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I have book marked that article to read, when I am not reading blogs, responding to posts, thinking about new posts, dreaming of blogging full time.

I am sure work fits in their somewhere.

I get panicky when I haven't blogged every second day.

Anywho I am being chained to the kitchen sink again.

Fiery said...

Heya Thump,

I'd be soooo tempted to start a collection of idiot things customers said and then have a drawing with the winner's whinge getting posted for all the world to see, changed weekly.

Hope you both can keep your snoots above the high tide mark.

'kin sucks not being able to help.

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Sean, Ah I remember that feeling from the holidays...reading, responding, thinking about it constantly and doing it as often as possible... its addictive and fantastic and there is so much of it out there!

Just as you are sure work fits in there somewhere, I'm sure blogging fits into work somehow :-/

Fiery, Thats a great idea, I'll get a little book and keep it in my pocket for jotting down and sketching lol

I think the high tide has passed and the pressure is ever so slowly decreasing.....whew, although it would be nicer if you were here:)... really thought it would go on forever and I would never be able to blog again bwahhhhh :-D

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Sean, I missed that bit at the bottom of your post about being chained to ye old kitchen sink...doing dishes is really great thinking time, especially about the last post you read, the next post you'll post or something you read last week and must look at seeps into everything:)

Fiery said...

Thump said, Ah I remember that feeling from the holidays... thinking about it constantly and doing it as often as possible... its addictive and fantastic and there is so much of it out there!

And Fiery thought... "WOOHOOOOO!!!! That sounds like a fantastic holiday!!!!!"

Can't wait to read and ohhhhh perhaps see a sketch of the sods you put up with. ;-)

Thump Thump Eyes said...

Fiery, didnt realise that statement had definite double meanings haha...I was referring to blogging lol

Will save snippets and see what comes of sketching...they're all mostly 'normal' everyday people its just their problems that are unusual:)

Fiery said...

lol Well my mind is still in junior high where everytime someone said "it", "it" meant sex.

Let's do it tomorrow.
Did she do it?
They did it last night.

I knew ya was referrin' to bloggin' but it's ever so much funnier if you was referrin' to "it"!!!! lol

Glad you've found time for it again. The bloggin' of course! :P

Protium said...

I haven't got time for it ;-)