Thursday, December 27, 2007


This one caught my eye because of how far Breast Leg Man was prepared to go :-)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Happy Boxing Day everyone :-D

I had to look up what Boxing Day was all about, I thought it was just about the cricket:)

It has been around since the middle ages and its thought that because all the servants worked on xmyth day they got the next day off and the nobs gave them boxes of leftovers:)

It is also the Feast of St. Stephen on December 26. St. Stephen was one of the seven original deacons of the Christian Church who were ordained by the Apostles to care for widows and the poor. For the success of his preaching and his devotion to Christ, St. Stephen was stoned to death by a mob. As he died, he begged God not to punish his killers.

Lovely story, I looked into it a little more and sheesh, those xstians sure know how to treat a feller who does good deeds!

MONEY makes the world go round.

Isnt this sort of like the enemy sneaking in through the back door?

"The deepening red ink from the turmoil in housing-related debt has left banks and policy makers struggling to contain the damage to the financial system and the broader economy.

As the losses mount, cash-rich investors from the Middle East and Asia are cutting a wide swath through Wall Street. Since late October they have spent more than $22 billion for stakes in Bear Stearns, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and UBS".

More on this here. Dubya's comment was "I dont think its a problem" whilst Robert Kimmitt, the deputy US Treasury secretary said "The most obvious consideration is national security".

Understatements all round :-o


Susan Pace Hamill has a go at taxes and religion.

"This lady is an expert at tax avoidance for small businesses and teaches at the University of Alabama Law School. She also holds a degree in divinity from a conservative evangelical seminary, where her master’s thesis explored how Alabama’s tax-and-spend policies comport with the Bible.

"Professor Susan Pace Hamill says that since Judeo-Christian ethics “is the moral compass chosen by most Americans” it is vital that these policies be compared with the texts on which they are based."

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmyth quotes

Thought it might be interesting and revealing to compare christmyth messages from leading figures in Australia and other places. Send me more if you're so inclined.

Here’s a roundup of xmyth quotes from here... that got a slight thump:)

George Pell, agent of hope... confusingly compares baby jesus to all babies, with a special message to cruel people reminding them that "It is difficult to be angry with a new born baby".

"In his Christmas message, Australia's Catholic cardinal George Pell has urged his followers to spread hope throughout the country. "Babies are vulnerable, more helpless initially than any of the animals. So too was the Son of God. But every birth inspires hope, even when it is only hope against hope," he has said. "It is difficult to be angry with a new born baby. "As we celebrate again the birth of the helpless newly born Christ child, we should remember the sick and the sad, the lonely and the angry and reach out to help them. Christians in particular should be agents of hope."

Monkey boy primate Doc Phil Aspinall, also hopes for hope but adds what christ revealed about peace for good measure, along with what seems to be a special mention for heavy sleepers and no real word for the insomniacs, discrimination I say.

"The head of the Anglican Church in Australia, the primate Dr Phillip Aspinall, has reminded Australians to set an example of peace. "(Christ) revealed the things that make for peace: respect for all human beings, acceptance, neighborliness, kindness, gentleness, humility, forgiveness, wisdom. ” We sleep soundly in our beds at night and for the most part we rise each day with hope in our hearts," he said. "

Our Kev managed to keep any religious references out of his comments… I applaud him for that, the main gist of his message was be careful on the roads, reflect, celebrate and share, nice one Kevvy.

"Enjoying his first Christmas in The Lodge, Mr. Rudd used his own personal experience to plead with drivers to be careful on the roads. ” As someone who lost his dad nearly 40 years ago in a car accident, can I say to everyone: Please, please drive carefully. Take a break, have a rest, make sure you're not driving too tired." He said Christmas was a time for reflection and celebration, but added that many people would be without their loved ones. "Christmas can also be a time when people experience a great sense of loss and loneliness," he said. "A spare chair, a vacant chair at the Christmas table, reminding those present of either a loved one who has passed away or a loved one who can't be with us at this time. ”I'd say, therefore, to all Australians, that at this time of year it's important to reach out to our friends, to our neighbors, and those we don't know at all, to make sure that no one is alone this Christmas."

Morris Iemma let religion creep into his message…giving a special xmyth tribute to the SES for community services (I totally agree with that one), along with a reminder about faith, community and how good giving is (tipping his hat to the retail sector:) and threw in renewal of hope for 'the lucky country' for good measure.

"NEW South Wales Premier Morris Iemma has paid special tribute to the State's emergency workers in his Christmas message. It comes as heavy rain, though welcome in parched regions across the state, has placed some communities at risk from rising flood waters.” Christmas challenges each of us to think of others," Mr Iemma said.” Like the unsung heroes - our emergency service workers and volunteers who keep our community safe and functioning."Mr Iemma said Christmas was about faith, community and giving.” It’s about being grateful for the good things of life, and most importantly it's about family - as it should be," he said.” Christmas is a season for the renewal of hope.” We all want and deserve a place around the Christmas table where each of us are loved, valued and included.” Unfortunately that is not the Christmas many enjoy even in a society as rich and successful as ours.” The premier said Christmas was a time to embrace the poor, needy and lonely.” At Christmas 2007, we celebrate a good society and a truly lucky country," he said."

Old Benny the pope always mentions religion :) He let it all hang out this year and proclaimed - MAKE ROOM FOR GOD!

"POPE Benedict XVI has led the world's 1.1 billion Roman Catholics into Christmas with a midnight mass, urging people to find time and space for God, the needy and the suffering. Benedict, marking the third Christmas season of his reign, said a solemn mass for about 10,000 people inside St Peter's Basilica on a chilly night. The ceremony was broadcast live to 42 countries.

This is also Benedict, in the NYT, asking Catholics, in an ill-treated world to protect the environment, telling them he's one jump ahead of the game and has got his hands on some carbon credits for the vatican. Then reminds them of the difficulty Mary and Joseph had finding good accom in Bethlehem back in the day…actually comparing it to the lack of room in peoples hearts today to hear the message of christs birth…..ho ho ho…make room folks!!!

This is curious, “Vatican says christ was born everywhere for everyone” huh? I thought the myth says it was Bethlehem, they must be able to change it whenever they like…

This has nothing to do with the christmyth, but it would certainly blow the myth out of the water if these guys actually found something, or should I say if something actually found us!

"A scientific paper published in this week's online edition of Astrophysical Journal suggests alien astronomers armed with a large space telescope could detect our planet and possibly determine the presence of life."

Here’s an interesting and subversive take on other ways to use your christmyth shopping time.

"Otherwise known as reverse shoplifting, shopdropping involves surreptitiously putting things in stores, rather than illegally taking them out, and the motivations vary.

Over at Powell’s Books in Portland, Ore., religious groups have been hitting the magazines in the science section with fliers featuring Christian cartoons, while their adversaries have been moving Bibles from the religion section to the fantasy/science-fiction section."

I tried to find some xmyth words from Dubya but I think it’s a bit early yet.

Reasons greetings one and all.

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I was tagged by the beautiful Fiery to have a go at this, it was a while ago, but thought I’d still post it......

1. You should post these rules
2. Recall and relate a time when you experienced a "paranormal event"
3. Explain it rationally if you can
4. Inflict this thread on 5 other people

I have had some odd experiences, but they all turned out to be a result of my over active imagination.

Like the time I got sucked into being part of a group Ouija Board session in my late teens. My overactive imagination read all sorts of mysteries into the words as they came out letter by letter, and I shivered with undefined expectation. The spooky noises coming through the floorboards from the cellar underneath really chilled me to the bone.

When it was revealed later that two of the guys in the group cooked up the whole thing to scare the girls I was relieved, my nerves were frayed and my over active imagination was a burden I thought I should try to conquer.

Needless to say I’ve never bothered to revisit the Ouija board.

Every other person I wanted to inflict this thread upon has already done it.


Hey, looks like Santa is alive and kicking.....and making money!

The municipality of Rovaniemi, a town of 60,000 people built on the geographical Arctic Circle claims Santa lives up the local mountain in a cabin, and these claims pull in the tourists and rake in $390million for the little town every year. Wonder if Santa gets his cut?


Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has converted to Roman Catholicism so that he and his wife can continue their journey of faith together.....sounds like she wears the religious pants in this family....even though his former spokesman, Alastair Campbell, once told reporters: "We don't do God".


The mere fact that they have contemplated this bloated $75b - $100b fund to buy assetts from SIV's hit by the credit squeeze is slightly disturbing....

here's a little bit more from a Wall St Journal blogger


This made me laugh. God is not to blame! So says George Pell the Sydney Catholic Archbishop.

He makes such a screwed up arguement of his statement...


Found this old article that struck a chord for me... although it only works for people who are predisposed towards fantasy... check it out, I think its a good place to start...