Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Haven't blogged in quite a while - obviously nothing much to say.

Recently I've been coming to terms with a thyroid disorder. The only good part is I've lost a big chunk of weight.

The doctor mentioned to me that when I start the medication I will probably put it all back on...and more ugh.

I just accidentally learned that thyroid disease runs through my father's side of the family. No one ever mentioned it to me before. I have had to tell my kids to be aware of it in the future because it may visit them too.

It crept up on me, I had some funny symptoms so the doctor tested me for a million things before the thyroid issue was discovered, would have been handy if someone in the family had mentioned it.

Life is only slightly marred from having lumps in my thyroid....onward and upward and smiling all the way :))


Fiery said...

wow. heavy duty stuff on the medical front. I'm glad they finally figured out what was wrong. The not knowing is the worst. All my best to you and Protes. Wish I could scratch Jake's ears. Best dog ever!!

T T Eyes said...

Hey dear Fiery, nice to hear from you girl! Hope everything is going fine for you??

Yeah, the medical thing sucks, but hopefully will soon be under control.

Jake and Protes are doing fine, Jake would love some ear scratching, come to think of it, so would Protes :))

kevin said...

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